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Terradaggian Species Concepts

The Terradaggian are a race of desert lizard humanoids in the game Aeternity, a story I am currently writing. They dwell on the planet of Terradagg, a desert world where remains of old starships are left after being stripped down. These natives gather from the remains of the old ship debris to make shelters, weapons and tools to survive on the harsh barren world.

The Terradaggian are normally a peaceful species but there are known tribes that act violently. These tribes strike out at local homesteads and spaceports where offworlders live and work. These spaceports are where retired starships are brought to be stripped down making the ports prime areas to gather weapons and resources.

This artwork is a concept sketch of the male, female and children of the Terradaggian species and done in Procreate.